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adymoney.bid ezomoney.club reviews, scam, fake

adymoney.bid ezomoney.club reviews, scam, fake
Greetings, my visitors! Today I came across a new website about earnings on the Internet, which offered me to earn 10 cents for each viewing of advertising. For an hour I was able to earn almost 50 dollars, because I do not print fast. I thought that I could make so good money on the Internet. But then I discovered that it was very difficult to withdraw money. Let's find out whether the site pays or not? 

I found such sites very much, here is the design they have:
So, I have been making money on the Internet for a very long time. I've seen hundreds of websites and can determine whether it's paying or not. 10 cents for each viewed advertisement is a very good payment for such simple actions. Previously, I've never received so much for just looking at ads. $ 50 per hour is a good result, I think. But after 3 hours of work I managed to earn $ 150 to withdraw money to my bank card. I was very happy, because I had not received any money for such a simple job. But what happened next? 

On the site I was told that I should invite 40 people to the project on my referral link. I thought it was very easy, but actually to invite a person is not so easy. I was persuaded many times to buy referrals on the exchange for my money, but I refused because I did not want to give my money to this site. Over a week I managed to earn 40 people. So the site develops and increases the user base. Next, I submitted an application for payment of funds, which I promised to make within 60 days. Finally, I can get my money. But the funds did not arrive, so the project is fraudulent and does not pay. I do not recommend it!

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