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topline18.com - reviews, earnings on news, scam

topline18.com - reviews, earnings on news, scam
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Greetings, my readers!  Today we will see a new site topline18.com, which offers us to earn $ 7 for reading news.  Such a simple job, which takes only a few minutes a day, can bring such a large income.  But let's find out whether this site pays or is a usual scam?  
So, at the beginning of my article I would like to warn you that there is very little reviews topline18.com, so this information will be very useful for you.  

The site attracts to itself the big incomes - 7 $ for perusal of news.  Such incomes are not in all states, therefore the project is popular in many countries.  It is advertised in many social networks, because for every guest you can get 90 dollars + 15% of your partner's earnings.  Such amounts are not paid by a single project, because the administrator simply does not have enough money to pay such funds.  

The minimum amount to withdraw funds is $ 700 and is not being recruited so quickly, it will take several days.  Per day, your income is about $ 105, since you can view 15 ads as much as possible.  But after it is set, the promised money does not come.  As experience shows, people wait for several months, and then forget about the site.  As I said, the administrator can not pay so much, it is unprofitable for him, so I can say with certainty that topline18.com is a scam.

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