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How did reformers try to make businesses more efficient and profitable?

How did reformers try to make businesses more efficient and profitable?
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Creating a profitable and efficient business is a task that was set many centuries ago. Despite this, even now this topic is widely considered in courses, trainings, forums. Today we will analyze how the reformers tried to make the business efficient and profitable, what to do and how to achieve success in this area.

How did the reformers try to make the business more efficient and profitable?

It is impossible not to say about the English economist Adam Simit. He said that the price must itself balance supply and demand, the economy always comes to a state of equilibrium on its own. Crises and recessions generally should not be. In his opinion, the participation of anyone else in the economic life, except for the seller and the buyer, who are exchanging, is not required. But already in the last century there was the Great Depression, which affected the world's largest economies, including the USA, France, Germany, Canada. This led to the emergence of Keynesianism.
John Keynes also tried to make the business more efficient and profitable. But the state must intervene in the exchange process between the buyer and the seller. Without this, the country's economy will not be able to develop. Keynes initiated the development of macroeconomics, which considers the general indicators of the country's economy as a whole.

Profit is something for which every entrepreneur strives for. For many years people have been trying to achieve a better solution. But times change and rules too. And the faster mankind grows, the faster the economy develops and the laws that regulate it.

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